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Examples of locations for filming & events

Unusual & Unknown Decors
in Marseille and in Camargue

A Masonic temple, a tea room filled with sand, a labyrinth of Louis XIV cellars, a base for repairing submarines, a fully tagged cloister...Marseille, city of the improbable, and the wild territory of Camargue hide hundreds of unsuspected locations and settings responding to all the issues and ideas for scenarios or projects.

scout service, location scouting, location research, natural scenery for scripts, filming for the cinema, TV films, television documentaries, music video clips, writing articles, photo shoots, fashion shows, organization of events, demonstration at Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Cassis, Camargue and in the territory of the Bouches du Rhône: Mediterranean landscapes, deserts, valleys, mountains, hills, forest (Mimosa, Corsican pine, Tamarisk, Serviceberry, Hackberry, Mulberry with plane tree leaves, Paulownia, Italian poplar, Sophora, Aullne of Corsica, Holm oak, Truffle oak, Italian cypress, Laburnum, Montpellier maple, American honey locust, Juniper, Cork oak, Eucalyptus,) sandy beach, pebble beach, urban beach, beach (brown sand beach. white sand beach, black sand beach, gray sand beach, blond sand beach...), wild cove, creeks...coastal landscapes. mountain landscapes. urban landscapes. desert landscapes. plain landscapes. City decor, Park or garden, Countryside, Roadside, Village, River or river, Body of water or marsh, Seaside...

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