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from Marseille to Camargue

You are looking for classic and above all unusual and unknown places in Marseille and its region as well as in Camargue for the filming of cinema films, series, fiction, documentaries, TV reports, music videos, advertisements, writing press articles, travel guides and events organization, fashion shows, photo shoots ? You also want to find authentic Stories and Characters for your projects...

The alliance of a Cinema Producer and the Author of alternative tourist guides, both passionate about Marseille and Camargue

Répéreur de décors de téléfilms à Marseille

Given our professional activities and hundreds of explorations in the region for years, we have been asked by production companies, businesses, televisions, to give them advice on places that could correspond to a scenario, a shooting, an event...themes of reports or characters to meet. The idea came to us to offer this service in order to share our expertise and our love for Marseille, Camargue and our region by trying to bring another perspective, authenticity and alternative vision.

Répéreur de décors de cinéma à Marseille

Our goal? Respond quickly and effectively to your brief and your search for Places, of Stories or of Characters while including your technical constraints.

Répéreur de décors pour un tournage de reportage à Marseille


Committed film producer

Founder, co-manager & executive producer of Tita Productions in Marseille, former documentary filmmaker and production manager. His experience can be summed up in more than a hundred productions from documentary film to feature-length fiction, fiction series, delegated and executive production and international co-production. Most of the films it supports with its partners are regularly in official competition or winners of category "A" festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Locarno, New York, San Sebastián, Sundance, etc.). For more than 20 years he has been surveying his native region for location scouting and filming.

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Dominique Milherou


Author of quirky tourist guides

Former journalist and communication director in events, manager of his com and photo agency, he founded in 2013 a reference site on the history and heritage of Marseille indexing 1,700 places in Marseille from the most classic to the most unusual, a site followed by 1 million visitors each year. He collaborates with the press and institutions and wrote 2 guides in 2021 and 2023 "111 places in Marseille not to be missed" for Emons editions referencing offbeat places and stories in Marseille.

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Our services


Haussmann facade, Provençal country house, military bunker, hall of art-deco building, fields of olive trees...fisherman, craftsman, graffiti artist...we find for you the places, the stories and the characters corresponding to your ideas and your briefs and send you photos or videos of our location while checking the constraints linked to your organization (access, surface area, light exposure, etc.).  


Are you based in Paris, in the region, abroad? we can make it easier for you to make contacts on site by putting you in touch with venue owners, future interviewees, hosts for your teams, technicians, transporters, casting directors, production and event companies... the competent filming authorities ...


You wishto be accompanied, guided when you come to Marseille and the region for your scouting, your preparations, we can be at your side to organize visits, appointments but also to offer you suggestions for activities for you and your teams on the sidelines of your professional stay. 


Challenge us, let's start your search